Sunday, 11 December 2011

How to Maintain Eyeglasses With Anti-glare Lenses

  Nowadays, anti-glare eyeglass lenses are preferred instead of the standard ones. Unfortunately,Anti-glare lenses collect grease and dirty easier than any other type of lenses. This is the reason why they require a special maintenance as their coating that can be damaged by the ordinary eyeglass cleaners. You should never treat such lenses with soap, hot water or an alcohol-based cleaner. In that case, how to clean your eyeglasses if they have anti-glare lenses? You probably will be surprised, but this is not a difficult thing to do at all.

Read on the following cleaners Holloway tips on the subject and you will have your eyeglasses looking like the day you've bought them:
To start apply a non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol-free cleaning solution on the front and back of your lenses. iKlear is a good option, because it is safe enough to work on different kinds of materails wit ot.
Next, take a clean microfiber cloth and rub the iKlear into the lenses with it. Cleaners Honor Oak Park explain that you should work exactly with such cloths as it is soft enough not to cause any further damages.
Try to work only with a clean part of the microfiber cloth clean as the dirt particles that collect in the cloth can cause scratches on the lenses. After the procedure hand wash your cloth with a mild detergent and hand it outdoors to air dry.
As a final effort just lift your glasses up to the light to check if there are any marks left on the lenses surface. If you notice anything, just repeat the whole process one more time.  

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