Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How to Remove Mud Stains From Satin Heels

  Women adore their shoes and in particular their elegant high heels. High shoes are made of variety of materials. However, on of the most preferred are the satin heels, because of the shiny and stylish look. Satin shoes may be really great finish to your outfit, but they certainly are not the best all-weather, daily footwear. Considering that it is always best to take some preventative actions. For example, you can spray them before wearing.

Having in mind how tricky can be the maintenance of such shoes cleaners Hendon provide the following tip on how to clean satin heels:
To begin take a clean, dry cloth and carefully wipe away excess dirt or mud from the shoes surface. Working with a dry cloth will prevent you from wiping more dirt into the shoes and furthering the stains.
Take another, but this time damp cloth to blot at the damaged area. Start at the top of the shoe and work downward and follow the grain of the fabric. Cleaners Hendon warn you to just blot, not rub into the fabric as that will have only negative effect on the shoe surface.
Next, use a clean hand towel to dry your shoes. Once again, do not rub, simply blot the fabric.
Inspect your shoes for any remaining stains that the water did not manage to remove. If you notice any spots, work on them with a Use a gentle hand soap with the damp cloth to blot out these stains. Do not apply soap on the clean parts of the shoe.
To finish just work on the shoe with a damp cloth without soap to remove the soap and blot with a clean towel to dry.

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