Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to Clean Acrylic Water Marks From Vase

Flower-arrangers and centerpiece creators are enthralled with the new acrylic water material. Acrylic water looks like natural liquid but it actually is a fake substance that will solidify into a hard mass which still looks like real water. Before solidifying, silk flowers and other objects can be put into the acrylic water, creating beautiful decorations and projects that can be presented as gifts or used as centerpieces. Sometimes, expensive vases are used and the creator subsequently decides to reuse the vase. In that case, the acrylic "water" should be washed out in order to begin with your new project.

Being aware how difficult can be the acrylic water marks removal from the vase surface cleaners Hook provide the fooling tips on how to handle such chore by yourself:
Pour acetone in the vase until is completely filled. The acrylic water will be filling up about half of the vase, so there should be enough acetone to completely fill the rest of the vase.
Let the vase to sit like that for several days.
Drain out the acetone along with the acrylic water that has been dissolved.
Repeat the procedure several times until all of the acrylic has been removed from the vase. It should by all cleaned at this point.
Cleaners Hook explain that sometimes the stains are too stubborn to handle them. Considering the delicate and vulnerable structure of the vases, sometimes it's better to seek for professional help in order to prevent eventual damages.

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